Friday, March 7, 2008

Sweet Memories

These are a few memories captured that I treasured and enjoyed!

Our rehearsal dinner

Nathan and I with Gam on Christmas Eve

Mom and I with Gam Christmas Eve

Gam Christmas Eve with her dogs

life has only two roads you can walk down

Brittny on my wedding day morning


Sarah and Kate

Sharon and Sam look tired while waiting for dinner to begin

The Grooms Cake! A beautiful job Leah!!

Christmas 2006

Nathan and me

Nathan and his cat Copper! I love this picture. Really shows the relationship between cat and companion

Strawberry picking. The last field trip with my family as a single lady

Nathan holding Alaina on our Wedding day!

Nathan the day my wedding shower


The last bookshelf to go! I put all my favorites on this shelf and refused until last minute to put them away!

A beautiful stone Church building in the snow April 2007

Mom trying on a dress to be the Mother of the Bride

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