Friday, March 28, 2008

A few recent pictures I took

I made cheesecake bars for Friday night movie and pizza and decided to put strawberries on mine and whipped cream! MMMM!!!! Tastes much better dressed up.

We let Scrabble have an adventure outside in Cashiers. She loved it!

I was about to make my bed and found Scrabble cleaning her paws while the rest of her body was under the comforter.

A tea set that Sharon gave me. I will be using it tomorrow with my sisters and Mom. We are going to have a tea party on the sun room. I am so excited!

This is the view we were able to see while I was making breakfast this morning. I love it!!! It is just gorgeous. Sunrise is definitely more beautiful than sunset here. I can only see the sunrise from our apartment, so I prefer sunrise.

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