Monday, December 28, 2009


Here are a few photos from our Christmas week. Probably my most enjoyed gift this year that I received is my camera. I found that it was enjoyable to rearrange my tea buffet to fit new napkin rings my family gave me.

A Christmas candle on top of Susanna's table.
Copper and Gabby also exhausted the day after Christmas.

Scrabble enjoying a relaxing Monday after Christmas with me.

The drawer with all my napkin rings. I like adding to the collection. It started with only four and gradually over nearly three years, I now have a drawer full of them and ones for nearly every occasion. The ones standing up in the bottom left corner are cats.

I got used to the sight of our suitcase the week of Christmas. There really is nothing quite like the experience of living out of a small suitcase for nearly a week.

And the last one is the best. Saturday nights Mama practices the piano during late hours to prepare for our Sunday music. Her playing was accented by the light of the tree the Saturday after Christmas.