Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Copper has been cuddling with me the past few mornings when I have been typing on the laptop. Actually it may look cute in the pic
ture, but behind the scenes he has been obnoxious!!!
 Biting me, biting the mouse, chewing on the lists and thank you notes I have been writing, and everywhere I move the list or pad I have been writing on he goes over to it and sits on top of it!! And if I happen to use the mouse I get my hand chewed on and then the mouse comes nex
t! Nathan says he is doing it because he is there to give me a hard time. Yeah right! I say it is because Nathan isn't here so he becomes the
 mad kitty and transforms into an angel when Nathan is here!
  I thought at first 
it was because Copper wanted food or attention, but he has food and I have been petting him and playing with him. As I pet him he still bites me!!! I give up!!!

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Zanna said...

That's what it'll be like when you have kids. They'll be terrors all day long and then daddy will come home and it's like, "I'm a little angel!" Hugs and kisses and such. It's sickening.